Reply to Denis Goldberg, 9/19/2007

I would first of all like to extend my condolences to you over the passing away of Edelgard. My mother and Thuto kept me updated about her condition as it was progressing. She will be missed. I would also like to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I have been trying to make sense of what was going on regarding Zenzo’s photos in addition to just dealing with my professional deadlines on this end.
The first two questions that come up for me regarding Zenzo’s photos are:
i) do we want to archive Zenzo’s photos?
ii) how will that archiving be done if it is pursued?

On the first matter, I applaud Edelgard’s foresight around preserving Zenzo’s photo. I totally agree that Zeno’s photos should be archived. He created an incredible body of work and I feel that his photos are irreplaceable.

To answer your email about ownership of intellectual property, Tina was right. Zenzo’s will, as I understand it, stated that the four of us owned all his possessions including this photographs.
If I am correct in assuming that everyone in this conversation believes that the photos should be archived, the next question is how to do that. It sounds like you have been working on this project for a while. I had no idea that anything was happening with Zenzo’s photos until July this year so I am playing catch-up. The next action now should probably be …talking this out and decided what we are going to do. I received the email from Piers Pigou. The timing was perfect. I am going to look at the links before I talk to ….
I am interested to know what the archiving costs are so far and what are the projected total costs. My other question is what agreements or contracts, if any, have been made and/or signed with SAHA so far.
I am CCing … this email.
I hope this email makes sense. Feel free to contact me to respond to anything I have written or to get clarity about something I have written.
Take care,

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